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To run or not to run a Marathon


After completing my half mara last September, the Woodstocks asked when am I going to do my Marathon? An ambitious  post of  before I turn 30,  that’s one of my goals.  Yet that is very tentative!

A month ago, a friend from Philippines told me she is secretly training to do her first marathon in Hong Kong, I thought of joining and running with her, but finding out its going to be in February.  No way would I cram my training in three months, taking in consideration that December is usually a Christmas slack time specially that I am going back home, whole month of December means = eating, resting, eating!

Her action on her life goals shook me and realized i have been not preparing for mine.  Now decided I will not run with her, I am thinking should i run one or not? and when?  I’ve watched number of marathons and looking at the runners finish freaks me out.  (well its not as worse as the Iron Man!! OMG!)

Wait, what’s a Marathon? (for non-running junkies) A marathon is foot race of (at least) 42.195 kilometers.  The name marathon came from the legend during the  Greek-Persian  war, known as the Battle of Marathon, where a Greek messenger, Pheidippides was sent from the town of Marathon to Athens to announce “We won” after which he collapsed and died.  He did not run just 42KMs as according to transcripts but distance over of 240 KMs. (wow! – can you imagine a human body able to do that? amazing!)

So who the hell wanted to run and die in the end?!? And they say running a marathon is an acheivement? I always get this reaction from my sister.  Why am i punishing myself for running, getting tired and paying for a registration fee?  Is it maybe runners are masochists? While I am doing my reading on doing a marathon, it is indeed very common that deaths happen. Morbid.  Death also hapen not necessary only during a 42KM run.  What does this tell us? Running a marathon does take a lot of strength for body and mind to finish and complete the distance in one piece.

I have been talking to one of my Project managers knowing he did marathons when he was younger (and not knowing another of my PM she also did 2 marathons!) and Mr. PM who now shifted to biking and swimming, tells me that marathon is very different, even when he did some long road bike rides he did experienced deliriousness he reckons, running a Marathon is tougher.

So after hearing and seeing these experiences, do I still want to run a marathon?  I know some runners who if you look at them physically they might not be capable of doing one.  I was surprised they did complete the race and see them walk straight and party after!  Which means, If they can why can’t I?

Why would I be running it?  because I want it.  I am sure when the time comes, I would love to run it for a reason, a good worth reason, besides for this three main ones i can think of, for myself, for my clubs, and my grand dad(RIP) who is an athletics coach.

I’d be needing a training companion who would run with me too on that marathon.  This will require discipline in lifestyle, taking into consideration I do not run for a living! I do have a life besides running. I will need motivation, psyching myself to run 42 Kilometers, I am estimating should i do my debut maybe 4 hours 30 minutes.MAYBE.  If you want to run and do it with me, oh please contact me!

Maybe I will, one day, before I turn 30.

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