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Sri Chimnoy Race (Iron Cove)


What’s new? You’ll will hear me again saying i did not have enough runs last week because I do not have a life, and work did own my life. So i was hesitant for joining in the 16KM race having been an absentee for a long run (14KM++ x 2) a week I thought it would be punishing my body for something its not used to.

But then again, what’s new? It’s a stubborn leo talking! I did register myself for 16KMs for the Sri Chimnoy Race at the Iron Cove, its held in my domain so its a good reason to go.

Saturday morning, 4th weekend of missing out the Woodstock Saturday run, after a fun Halloween party on a Friday, I thought I also had leg work out there standing long hours and dancing till morning, means waking up late and no run and should rest before the 16KMs tomorrow. It was like battling a Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde convincing myself I should not go for a run, not even a slow run. I decided to

go cycle at the gym and do a “swim.” Good swimmers in the pool I backed out, so just 8KMs at the bike. I was bit not sure how I will go on the race since its going to be my first 16KM race. I’ll just follow my motto: “finish the race, no walking.”

6am, set my alarm, woke up at 630am, got ready, geared up (after checking the temperature outdoor 3 x if its warm or windy as clouds in Sydney can always deceive you if I should wear the long sleeved uniform or my singlet). I figured out there would be no baggage counters, so i got into my singlet, placed a Gu in my legging’s pocket, cash and keys plus one endura gel in my hand. After wich, I did my stretching and By 715am I was already out of the flat and just jogged to the event as my warm up.

No Woodstockians in sight, so i got my bib and signed the waiver.  After a couple of minutes Brendan arrived then came 12 more. Kerry, Dot, John, Greg, Martin, Mark M, Mark O, Thalia, Belinda, Peter, Linda, (and um sorry Mr. Woodstock-i-forgot-your-name)!

Around 2 minutes after 8, the race started off with the 16KM runners first, followed by the 8KMs and 4KMs. Very perfect running condition, not windy, not chilly, not humid, not hot, cloudy not sunny! The route is majorly flat with few sections of few meters of inclines. I did try to pace with Thalia but oh boy, maybe quarter of the 1st kilometer I gave up! She was running fast, so I let go from her.

Photo Borrowed SriChimnoy race Photo Album. No Stopping!! @ the forground: Mark resting while pacing with me, we were trying to catch Thalia, Mark did.

First loop, I was told by Brendan 5th place. I got confused of what he meant, grab the fifth place, or I was running on 5th place. But as runners coming back from turnaround, I was counting the runners and I was at the 6th Place, so I understood what he was saying. But not long after that, another lady just caught up and managed to overtake the the female I was trying to catch. That pushed me to be 8th (female). I was pushing really harder to get her position but she was a bit few meters form me that in the second loop my legs are complaining and I was I trying to think should I Gu or not, which i did not.

During the race, knowing the bay area, its popular for runners, walkers, dog walker/runners, so it makes it easier if you are just cruising along you will not get worried getting cutoff as you can always just run with the runners. Speaking of which, i did encounter 2 undesirable incidents. A mother pushing a pram towards me! so I was not pleased, 2nd is a unmindful dog owner who was wrestling with his dog to stay at the grass, just crossed my path with him holding the leash and the dog! I almost tripped over! It took out my momentum, so a Sydney Striders male runner saw the opportunity and took advantage of that.

I still can see Thalia’s back and the lady who overtook me so I am still doing okey. Loop 2 was tough as my legs and my glutes are already complaining, which the brain over ruled and brain told me to breath normally and relax.

Two more kilometers and i forced to pace faster, seeing the finish chute and the banderitas tried to sprint, finishing 8th in my age category (50 and below). Too bad only Top 7 finishers gets awarded. Good thing, this motivates me to do better next time. I was happy that i was able to try more or less pace at 5 on a longer run in 10KMs. Performance wise it was better than of my 14KMs and 12KMs pace.

Learned that, if there is someone faster than you and try to put her as your goal you get pushed to run faster, otherwise you tend to slack (its like someone who is pacing you and pushing you harder). Not getting a place is good, that means wanting to get one next time.

It was fun having the Woodstock cheering for you at the end, that alone is very rewarding (and they were even thinking i made it to top 7).. lol!  Greg, John, Martin, Brendan, Kerry, Linda and Thalia placed in the race, half of the club did place in the race, how cool is that?

Race wise, enough water stations, well marked paths in every two or three kilometer and the free pancakes, watermelon, oranges and bananas.

the woodies!(Dot, Mark,Me-enjoying the pancakes, Mark) and backdrop is the 7th Female and the 1st Female

the woodies!(Dot, Mark,Me-enjoying the pancakes, Mark) and backdrop is the 7th Female and the 1st Female

Event: Sri Chimnoy Race Series, Iron Cove
Distance: 16KM
Time: 1:20:29 – 8th (u 50)


The event commenced with a coffee at Grumpy’s with the Woostockians.

Sri Chimnoy Race Series, next race at NSW will be at the Centennial Park, Cross Country( 21KM, 7KM, 4KM), November 23, 2008.


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