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Crazy on running


It is not very unusual for me to get a “compliment” from people telling me I am crazy!  Crazy bout my running.  I am sure, my fellow running addicts do get the same comments.

Well I thought, being here in Australia where one of the things they celebrate is sports which includes running, It’s not very uncommon that it seem that everybody does fitness. (Or is it people opting to do the wii fit instead nowadays? 🙂 )  Well it seem like that no, running is not popular maybe not even all Australians like sports, like swimming or cycling where they are very good at.

Anyway, why do i run? Why am i so crazy, so addicted to running?

* It is my happy pill – it gives me the high for the day when i get my dose of my run. Yes there has been researches that just like any other addiction, the brain do secrete Endophrins which makes a person happy. Excercise is one treatment for depression and mental ilness they say. (uh and turn you to another addict!) It is indeed an addiction, I wonder if it can go as bad and I would need to attend a Runaholic Anonymous. (there’s not even such word!)

* It relaxes me – It is the only time that i can clear my mind from thinking.  All you can think when you are running is focus on your breathing, how your legs should stride faster or longer, getting to the next lamp post or overtaking another fellow runner!

* Health Benefits – i can attest that there have been a number of runners whom I’ve met and telling me how much weight they’ve lost ever since they have started running.  I myself lost 12KLS (i was overweight with m height of 5′ flat on 52KLS and now… I am almost underweight) I do get have asthma attacks often before, often migraines, weak lungs always do get cough and colds … but now i do feel better.

* Social benefits – some would think it sounds pathetic but yes, it is my social life.  it is one of my social life.  Specially for me who just have moved to a new country having no one (close friend or relative) having have joined a good Social running club (Woodstock) it did give make me feel I am already a local.

* A sport that you can do alone – it is a sport that you can do alone.  That on a day you feel like doing physical workout, you need not to organize or book a venue or court or place and equipment and time and form a team to carry out the sport.  Some do think its boring, but come to think of it as they always say we always do need our own quiet time.  So you are shooting two birds in one stone, meditation and fitness.

* Competitiveness and confidence – Gives you a good attitude.  Its not all about winning and getting a place after a race, receiving a medal or trophy.  As they say, in running the only competitor you have is yourself.  As there would always be someone faster than you or slower than you.  But you do always try to run a distance in a shorter time. And not necessarily that you do want to beat someone but you look up to the person who runs faster than you and tell yourself I am going to be as fast as him/her next time.  And when you go to social events and they ask you what else do you do and you say i run, (yes they will give you another “compliment” of “oh you are crazy!”) and tell them you do run 10KMs everyday, well not all do run and can run that far!

* Friends you meet – great people you meet, at first you just all talk about your runs, your fitness but it grows more intimately that after our runs we do get together and have our breakfast (which is the main purpose of the run, to meet and have breakfast! and catch up)

I am sure my list can go one but this prolly be the top items why I do run, and why am I an addict.

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