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St. Mary’s Community Fun Run/Walk


On the 26th of October is the St. Mary’s Community Fun Run/Walk. This event is for the fund raising for the community primary school of St. Mary’s. I reckon the event already runs over 10 years. This race I was decided not to do it as it is far and i had plans going to Blue Mountains.

It took me hours before the day ends on Friday to decide should I be joining the St. Mary’s 8Km Run, as I promised John that I will be confirming latest Friday. Also this Sunday, I also got an invite for a run in Bondi to see the “Sculptures by the Sea” with other Woodstockonians. I’ve gone with my cousin and her family to see the Sculptures, so I thought to join the fun run on Sunday, since I already have missed plans this weekend and it is Charity work which makes the run more meaningful, so I was decided to join.

I never thought my routine will get busy when I do host someone at home, specially if they are close relatives. Because of it, my body seem to have caught up on being exhausted and I missed my Saturday Woodstock run, and i made a pass supposedly a planned trip to Blue Mountains on the same. As it seem that this weekend is busy with options to do. So Saturday was a rest, did a slow 8KM around the bay and Timbrell park.

I usually don’t do any run before a race, because I always feel the tension in my leg muscles on the day of the race, thus making me perform really poorly. Because I am stubborn, and i thought i did not have enough mileage this week I NEED to run! (The reason for my running already shifted from weight loss to mileage. I do feel if i don’t get enough I already would have forgotten to run j/k or just preparation for any long distance runs).

So John says, he will pick me up by 730 as the race starts at 900. So my phone alarmed at 645 and i snoozed until i woke up its already 721! so i dashed to the bathroom, got ready and put on my gear. I was looking at my mobile, how come John has not rang me yet or sent me a message, he usually is minutes earlier than his word. Double checked, missed calls from John, No, messages, No. I wondered so i walked around my flat checked that the Microwave time is an hour later than what i have so is with my bathroom clock! I realized that the time i have been looking is 1 hour advance so I actually got up by 621! So i decided to snooze a lil and just rest, And got up 10 minutes before John sent me a message he already is down the building.

We went towards St. Mary’s in the west, through the hi-way which made it really quick and we are already in the area after 35 minutes and we decided to drive by Mackas for cappuccinos.

Arriving at the venue, a few runners getting ready and parking their cars. We saw Brendan and Dottie chatting at the St. Mary’s Public School grounds, said our pleasantries and proceeded to do my on the day registration. So I see that I belong to the age category 16-29. Wow that’s a huge category i told myself, I would already be beaten by 16 year olds! So got my bib. Did some stretching and a few warm up jogs. they say its a flat course with inclines unlike the one in Maroubra last Sunday. But not as flat as Le Brighton.

By 900 runners and walkers lined up at the Start line. Looking around, it is sad too see that its not very much participated by a number of runners. And or the local community, considering its their own local school! Unlike the one when I ran the Bay run where it was actively participated by school kids and their parents.

Anyway, by minutes before 910, the race started. Bit of flat with some inclines. A few short hills and long ones which are not really bad hills! I do remember I was trying to catch up with the lady in aqua blue whom I lost as it seem that she really ran fast. I was already puffing not even on the half the distance of the race. And which was taken advantage by 5 runners who over took me. 4 males and 1 young female runner. I did jog for two water stations on the second lap, and at the second lap, the Sun is already starting to burn its heat, so it made me run a bit faster since i already have experience that bad heat last Sunday. Then on a few last Kilometers, one guy passed me (gawd he is over 60! i think). He the same guy whom i saw in Le Brighton and Maroubra, where I overtook him, but this time he overtook me. Few more meters i can see the school, and sprinted to the goal post, where the finish chute is.

Surprised to see from afar on the timer 35:5x minutes! in 8Ks! i sprinted trying to catch up with the 35, which i failed, so i clocked at 36:13 for the 8 KM. I was pleased! As i even thought my muscles were really feeling sore and tired from the run last Saturday (and expecting already to finish at 40 minutes). Well to found out with fellow runners, that the distance maybe a quarter meters less. Michelle’s watch registers at 7.60KMs. So let’s say, a minute and a half additional to my time, still it is faster than the one last Sunday!

The girl who overtook me is 14 years young! and had a time of 35:08 and she got the 3rd over all female. I can remember it is just one female, her, to have passed me and confirmed by Brendan who was waiting relaxing at the chute, no one came next to her but me, so that makes me 4th over all for the females! (So I’m happy again!)

We did wait for the awarding ceremonies, as the last St. Mary’s last September who were participated by the same Woodies, they almost grabbed all the category places, so it is expected that the team would be getting a few awards again. While waiting, I had another cup of coffee courtesy of John, and we chatted under the sun in the school grounds.

During the ceremony, it was correct that almost all of the Woodies got awards. I got 1st for the Age category, Brendan (who is a bit disappointed for just the 2 seconds! difference with the 1st placer) and John and Dot got Silver in their age categories! wow how cool is that? (Well run Woodies!) We were also joined by Michelle Warren who decided to do her walk, as she is preparing to do her 3rd! marathon for the year in Auckland (Well wishes Michelle!), and Eddie Mclean (one of our most senior runner at 70ish) whom crossed the line ahead of younger runners! Aside from the awarding ceremonies, goodies has been raffled.

The run was marshaled very well, well organized and enough drinking stations. The route is average with a bit difficulty on inclines except for the few meters less totaling to 8KMs. I also think that the organizers did not make money for the charity for the school they gave more than what they’ve earned due to small turn out on the event (although I’ve heard that it did improve in number already!). It is sad to see that there is not enough support from runners or the locals involved in the school (students, teachers and parents). Hoping that more runners from NSW, or other states would join this race next year.

Event:St. Mary’s Community Fun Run/Walk
Venue: St,. Mary’s, NSW, Australia
Distance: 8KM
Time: 36.13 (1st Age category)

Photos courtesy by Brendan.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. 27/10/2008 1:08 am

    Well done runningcat, that’s a great time and deservedly a first in category.
    Are you doing SMC 10k? If so, see you there November. Say hi to Thalia for me. I didn’t notice her at last week’s SMC so maybe she’s been sick for a few extras days.


  2. 27/10/2008 1:54 am

    I sure hope that it will be successful next time!

  3. Brendan permalink
    27/10/2008 2:50 am

    Awesome work Chaia,

    You are getting quicker and quicker. Love the exploding right quad – such power!!!

  4. witchkitty permalink*
    27/10/2008 6:43 am

    @ Blues Buffet – Thank you! too bad did not have the opportunity to meet. SMC 10K on Saturday? maybe not, I maybe doing the weekend runs with the Woodstock :). Maybe the Irn cove on Sunday 😉 how bout you? you got a very good time yourself!

    @ Johnny Coates – Yes considering that the registration fee is so cheap at $10 the local community should try to start doing a walk or jog at least for the local community

    @ Brendan – Thanks! Not quite as fast as you guys! I know I ought to do your interval trainings one day!! .. re: right quad, i still think it looks monstrous! hahaha!

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