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Maroubra Fun Run: Rotary 8km recap


As listed in my might-run-races, I have been contemplating if I would be running any of the fun runs this Sunday. Eyeing on Maroubra Fun Run, since this is the most accessible run, I was convincing myself to already register. But, it has been a tough week for me at work s i was having doubt.

It has been 2 weeks of 24/7 on call support an 3 consecutive days that have been working at least 18 hours, my body started to be on strike. Missing and forgetting Woodstock runs on Wednesday morning, Friday morning and the Club’s Saturday run. The Saturday even was a plan to get a longer run before joining which I was meaning to run and run longer before the 9Km one in Balmain, My physical body just can not get up. Frustrating, but what can I do.

Then on Friday morning, John sent me an email he is going to do the fun run, which confirmed myself to do the 8KM, after convincing myself to join even on a late start of 930 and temperature forecast at 29 degrees. Yes, I already have been mindful of the temperature as the heat from last Sunday is too hot for me. (Humid hot in Manila is very different in stinging hot sun rays).

Anyway, on Sunday, I did get up at 715, quick shower, had coffee, banana and a chocolate cookie, sugar loading, that is how i call it. Just like last Sunday, I am skipping Gu. I did a few stretching while waiting for John and by 757, he was already at my area. We drove to Maroubra ariving 30 minutes past 8am and so we are early by an hour, even if it means registering on the day we are hour early.

As explained by John, this fun run is similar to the one in Gladesville, a fun run sponsored by the Rotary Club, and does includes a fair.

And he was right. Race starts with at least 5 meter parade with the bagpipe band then they fire the gun. Just like the race in Brighton, narrow start, with all the 4km walkers and runners starting together with the 8KM runners at the same time. I needed to struggle and run off-road to put myself at least in front. (I’ve learned that i like staying just behind the fastest than lining up with them as i end up doing their pace for 1st KM and i’m dead for the rest of the race!) Turning left less than a kilometer from the start line you can see a hill, say 280 to 300 meters. So what’s with this hills on a Rotary run?! :p. Was not super hill, tolerable not until you turn left and keep turning left the Hills seem to get steeper and bigger. that just made me puff and huff. Telling myself as early before I reach the roundabout, Near the 8km runabout, I am going to meet this hills again the second lap. Then on the big downhill twards the roundabout and finish chute you can hear the bagpipes. The hill is very steep although it is downhill, there is no way you can fly and take advantage of it and roll as it so steep and you might just end up knocking yourself over. Better to finish the race bruise free I told myself. I psyched myself that I still can do another round of those hills.

I tried my best to run as same pace as my first lap. I think i did slow down a bit on the hills, nearly giving up wanting to walk, but I just did not. The heat was hotter and all you can think is to get the race over and done with! 2 ladies caught up with me when it is nearly 500 meters away from the chute, although i did over took 3 people ahead of me initially nearing the finish. 3 meters from the chute I heard John called my name, yey! I finished the race without walking.

The organizers had a bit of a challenge sorting out the results as it was their first time to use the timing chips. Where the results came in by almost midnight the same day. The race I say is very well organized, maybe just lacking a few marshals directing and stopping the vehicles passing through and people cutting through the routes. Two water stops for an 8km race is enough. What I did like is at the finish chutes, marshals assist in taking off the chip, enough chairs where the runners can sit and take their chips off and marshals escorting runners out of the finish chute which prevented runners from crowding in the chute which usually happen in all races. Aside from that is the October fest mood, beer, food stalls, clothes, jewelry and handicraft stalls, camel ride , jumping castle and trampoline after the race made the event very festive.

John and I left the event after learning that the awarding will happen by 12 noon which is too late and John is 2nd on his age category.

For myself, Not bad that I was aiming to finish at 40 minutes more or less but the hills would have made it more difficult. And I was expecting a 41 minutes finish same pace like that of the hilly Gladesville, BUT! I made it at 40.16 minutes chip time. Even if it is still 16 seconds over my target, I am happy, I really feel I made big improvements on speed compared 6/7 months ago and even with feeling a bit of arthritic pain on my left leg since my long run last Thursday.

Event: Maroubra Fun Run
Location: Maroubra, NSW, Australia
Distance: 8KM
Gun time: 40.34
Chip time: 40.16

8KM Run
4Km Run
4KM walk

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  1. 20/10/2008 12:16 pm

    yes i’m doing saturday’s dove run. ikaw?

  2. 20/10/2008 12:28 pm

    haha yes doing my stupid tax hahahaha before the deadline in oct31!!! shucks!!!

    anyway sige sms me if you’re going on saturday! wear pink!

  3. 21/10/2008 3:14 am

    wow! hahaha… hmmm… nakakatuwa namang may makitang mga Pinoy na blogspot habang nagtratrabaho. Good Luck!

  4. permalink
    21/10/2008 9:45 pm

    Chaia – Ang bilis mona tumakbo! Congrats!

  5. witchkitty permalink*
    21/10/2008 11:06 pm

    Thanks Mark!
    I am just a very avid fan of you and Tiffin when you get faster i get faster too!

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