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Canberra: Floriade 21, Flower festival


Canberra here I come!

Well yea, at last! i did visit the capital of Australia. yes many might not know that ACT (Australian Capital territory ), Canberra is Oz’s capital city. Neither Sydney or Melbourne. Surprised? Well it is because before, these two cities are fighting over who get to be the capital city, then they decided to create another state to break the rivalry.

Canberra is the state where the Parliament and all of the government offices are. It was intentionally created in a very organized manner, where the buildings of the offices are in circular pattern, and the roads are well planned.

Traveling through Greyhound with Judith, a CS mate from Switzerland, with her friends, Pamela and Martina. We left Sydney Central station at 8 and arrived Canberra by 1145. I slept all through out the trip as i was tired/exhausted from the weeks sleepless nights!

First stop, food! it was good weather when we arrived there and found a Korean cafe that has an outdoor dining. Perfect! We were s Hungry that i forgot the cafe’s name, but the food was really good. after which we started slowly to head to the Floriade Exhibition. The flowers were amazing, lovely, beautiful!

Wow i think its embarrassing i never got the chance really to visit my own hometown’s Flower festival exibit. Just do watch the Parade and street dancing, but never the exhibit as there were too much people. That’s another story.

Took pictures, and it was like snowing because of the pollen from the dandelions. You can feel the season of spring! A lot of exhibit, performance and merchandise tents. What i like best are the promo ladies handing the Lindt Chocs. Mm yum! So that was our desert.

a nemo gnome!

Then we walked towards the “shadow.” The giant fountain, overlooking the Parade of the Flags. Then we headed to the Old and new parliament Building. I personally did not like the architecture and design of the new Parliament building. BUT! another pit stop, was when the smell of the coffee attracted the four of us like metals to the magnet with the smell of the coffee. The girls had their lattes and i had my cappuccino. We can start to feel our legs getting sore from the walking!

Still we decided to head towards the lake and the parade of the flags, did a bit of flag quiz, and identifying and looking for the Swiss and the Philippine Flag.

Anyway, it is an hour and a half before our bus leaves, so we did walk towards the city center, grabbed our early dinner while Pamela and Martina were left at YHA as they decided to do overnight. The bus going back Sydney was more packed compared to the one we went to in the morning.

It was a good trip. Canberra is a very idyllic place. Perhaps because its a weekend and aside from the Government office and few establishments and the Universities that is making it busy during the week. Not much people, not much cars. It is a very very quiet city. It was okey. Well at least ive been to 3 cities of Oz now :).

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