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Brighton Beachside Dash recap


October 8, 2008, I decided to enter the Brighton Beachside Dash fun run on the 12th of October. So I entered the 10 KM run.

This was to be the 1st time this event has been run. One reason I entered was because the entry fee went towards raising funds for vital medical research by the St George Medical Research Foundation. Where The registration fees and pledges from the sponsors raised will be used in the search for a cure for diseases such as cancer, arthritis and childhood diabetes.

I set my alarm for quarter to 6 as I was being picked up by John whom I was hitching a ride with. I checked Google weather for the climate. Should I wear leggings or shorts? Sure enough, Sunday is warmer than Saturday so I put on shorts and the bra top Dottie gave me (Thanks Dot!). By 6:27, John was already ringing me as he was waiting for me on the road. We drove to the west and we reached Rockdale/Le Brighton area 15 minutes past 7. We had a quick pit stop at Mackas and grabbed some cappuccinos.

Once at the event area, we saw the Woodstockians Dottie, Kerry, and Brendan. At the Finish shoot, we met Kerry’s daughter, Bridget and her friend.

I was aiming for at least 50 mins. as it said it was a flat course. The race had more than enough water stations too. They used the St. George Bank Dragon mascots as pacers, so the challenge was about catching as many dragons as you could whilst running.

After a while, the gun was fired and off we went (after some confusion where the starting line was!). I stayed a bit farther from the front as I was scared of getting involved in a stampede by the fast runners, so i stayed 4 rows behind them. That was a big mistake! About 100-150 meters from the start the path became narrow and so I thought it was going to slow my time down this is what I told myself. I tried to carefully pass through the runners. Slowly I was able to ease myself through the crowd,yet still it was narrow as we needed to stay on the right as the fast runners were coming past on the left. About 12 minutes after, the first runner was already heading towards the finish and 7 runners after him, I saw Brendan, as I was expecting he would be emerging from the top 10, and i was waiting for John, whom i saw probably after 5 minutes or a little less. As we ran farther, the heat of the sun was getting warmer. I mean HOTTER. It stings that again, I am not very used to it. It was depleting all my energy.

I stopped at two water stops, jogging through them.At the 6KM mark I felt a stitch developing which made it difficult to breathe. I told myself to keep on running but I just couldn’t soI briskly walked for 30 seconds trying to stabilise my breathing and the pain, which went away a little bit so I tried to catch up with the lady wearing a France marathon shirt whom I was pacing off earlier. I knew she was faster than me though. Yet at least I could still see her meters away from me so I am fine. I reckon the water stop and walk would have taken around more than half a minute due to that, I was expecting a time of 51 minutes.

It was difficult to decide when to begin my sprint to the finish shoot, I saw the 2Km marker and I knew that is still far and will take at least 10 minutes more to run that far. I was already tired, but at last I saw the blue inflatable finish shoot. I just paced through it faster than normal as I was not able to sprint, I am not sure why (was I tired?). Finally, I finished it. The route was fairly flat except for 1 zigzag turnaround going up to the road level “uphill” for not more than 3 meters, and two additional inclined foot path to the road level from the beach walk.

I was surprised that I finished with a pleasing time of 48.59 minutes, despite the slow start, two water jog stops and a 30 minute brisk walk. Wow! It was definitely a PB for me. I am happy. Brendan, 3rd age category, John, 2nd Age category and me did PBs.

We watched the 5KM fun run/walk start and the first runners coming in to the finish. Then we headed to the awards ceremony where they had mistakenly got our ages mixed up making me 10 years older and a 9th place in the age category! Eventually, they got that sorted out.. It was unfortunate for Brendan as he was supposed to get a Mizuno voucher, he got a socks and cap in exchange because of the mistake from the organizer :-/. John just let his prize go and we left.

Someone asked me what my time was, and I said “um I don’t know,”and he said, “Why don’t you wear a watch when you run?” um, not really :D. Wow I think that is sometimes good that you just enjoy the run and forget about pressuring yourself, I think I have enough pressure from work. This race, no gels, no energy drinks just the coffee and water woohoo!

The event was co-sponsored by, Rockdale Council, Ramsay Health Care, Adcorp, SSR and Mizuno.

Event: Brighton Beachside Dash
Location: Brighton Le Sands, Rockdale
Distance: 10Km
Time: 48:59 (PB) – 10th Age Category (u30)

Results: 5KM

(compliments, I have an editor! What else could i ever ask for?!? Brendan aside from the pictures, he did edit my write-up, I am so pleased..I will promise to always type I’s in capital from this time on!)

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Robert permalink
    13/10/2008 2:11 am

    Hey ummm loved your story. Where did you get the results from. The start was the same for me . . . .

  2. witchkitty permalink*
    13/10/2008 2:30 am

    Hi Robert, results were posted yesterday at the tents after the race. They have to do it twice as they did have errors on the ages some like mine had 10 years added on the age making placing erroneous. They probably be putting the results on the website soon.

  3. m8parco permalink
    17/10/2008 3:09 am

    Congratulation on your PB!!! Hiyang ka sa Australia!

    See you soon!

    Regards Mark

  4. witchkitty permalink*
    17/10/2008 7:55 am

    @ Mark – Salamat! If i can only run as fast as you 🙂 guys! ill see you soon.

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