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Spit to Manly Bush Walk


It is Monday and its a holiday, NSW labor day.

Thalia, a Woodstock mate, did email us for an invitation two weeks ago on doing the Spit to Manly Bush walk. It is because its a long weekend, and a break from our usual runs. The walk is 9 Km from the Spit bridge to Manly beach.

What’s a bush walk? Bush walking is according to is ‘hiking’ and understood in all English-speaking countries. In some places, off-trail hiking is called ‘cross-country hiking’, ‘bushwhacking’, or ‘bushbashing’. Australians use the term ‘bushwalking’ for both on- and off-trail hiking. New Zealanders use ‘tramping’ (particularly for overnight and longer trips), ‘walking’ or ‘bushwalking’.

So there you go i am doing another Ozzie thing :).

Planned meeting time is 640am at Brett Park. It was a bit difficult getting up as it is the 2nd day since the day light savings has started, so my body is not yet used to waking up an hour earlier. I set my alarm at 540am means like waking up at 440am and i even went to bed at 130am (because i was working!). I was deciding should I go or not as i have been lacking sleep, but i thought i should do something different this long weekend. So I eventually woke up 15 minutes to 6 and to find out it was raining, and planning to ring Thalia if the walk is still on. Yet i just moved so slow hoping the rain stops.

Well after my shower the rain has stopped and i only have 10 more minutes to dressing up and walking to Brett Park. I thought i am goin to miss it as its already 3 minutes past 640 and i am still at the Iron Cove Bridge. I did plan to walk since i was late i did run towards the rendezvous. I got there 5 minutes past 640. There i met were Jon, Lucy, Diedre, Lorraine, Leslie, Tomi and (um, pardon i can’t remember the names of two other lovely ladies with us). Then cam Thalia and Mark and another Mark. We drove off from Drummoyne to Spit and started the walk at 730ish am. at Spit, by the way, we were met by Bryan, Lloyd, Rick and his wife, and Ron. so there were 8 pairs.

bushwalking blokes and jennies

bushwalking blokes and jennies

The walk was good, after the rain, you can just smell the freshness of the nature. the walk oath is damp but not muddy, a few wooden walk slabs and metal grates. It is spring so you get a share of flowers. Reaching the crater point was so breathtaking, very good view of the shore and wharf of Sydney.

At the walk you meet dog walker/runners, runners, and families taking their bush walks as well.
About 2.5 km to commencing the walk the weather start to change again did give us a light rain damping as a bit and stopped about 50 meters after finishing the walk.

The walk was a mix of nature, shrubs, bush, views of the bay/beach. I did like, it, i don’t mind doing it again and might want to do it again with friends or visiting relatives 🙂 who is keen doing a walk and getting in touch with the nature.

We finished off at a cafe (i forgot to take note of the name!, I was just so starved as i did not take anything before the walk but water). I had triple pancakes with banana, creme brioche, and maple syrup + large Mocha, yum!

The experience and activity was good, we hitched ride with Dierdre and learned that one of my neighbors a new Woodstock member, Tomi, is just living on the same street as i am. So small world!

Was suppose to be a good long planned weekend for me, planned a surfing camp and did work from home last Friday but everything went not as planned. Surf camp agency called the camp off, no camp would take me in as they are full, so i thought its an omen to cancel any activity to do with surfing. then came a support call for work that kept me the whole weekend! Which i do not like doing on a weekend! i do not mind doing it n a weekday. And talking bout a long weekend! Well at least i did some share of my runs Friday – Sunday and this walk, although missing some parties on the weekend, but at least attended a couple of hours on the Pinoy Fiesta in Rosehill. Ill find time to take days off, oh well.

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  1. 11/10/2008 11:16 am

    meron bang Maculot-type na bushwalking diyan?! hehe

  2. witchkitty permalink*
    12/10/2008 11:08 am

    haha I bet meron Tics, sometime November I might join another hike trip i think thaht is more of maculot type with the caving,bushwalking, camping and if lucky abseiling!

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