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The A380 Experience


I flew to Singapore last week and of course did requested to be flown by Singapore Airlines aside from topping up my frequent flyer, KrisFlyer, with points, they are the cheapest going to Asia and never failed excellent service from the staff for me. And guess what? I am flying on the airline’s jumbo jet A380 and its my first time to fly the A380 jumbo jet!

It was a huge plane, and i chose the aisle seat (always do on the long haul flights) near the bathroom., and at the main deck of the plane. Luckily, no one is seated beside me aside from the two other Indian guys two chairs next to me, so I am happy. Not that i am anti social, i just like my own (spaciuos) space during flights.

Obviously, this two Indian guys also are first timers to ride the jumbo jet. Not very surprisingly a lot of the passengers are! Number of us were carrying cameras and video cams, taking pictures, and soon-t-be-posted youtube videos of themselves, well at least i did have reason and not felt embrassed that it is just me who was excited to ride the new plane.

Okey, the seats have different color of the usual SQ flights they are of grey and green. Dynamically designed chairs more compact but more spacious for the passenger.

What is new is they do havea TV out jack, a USB port, a LAN port for your own for your laptop, and an outlet for your power.(bummer i placed my adaptor in my check-in luggage). The USB port can be used to view Microsoft applications that you can edit using the console and pictures you can view you took from your holidays or trip or whatever on your own screen.

The video screen is wider, ALTHOUGH i noticed that the system is slower than the usual. And I’ve noticed a few passengers complaining their videos do not work. Luckily mine did! or i wish i would have transferred to a higher class ;-). Anyway, i did watch the Indiana Jones, The Binge, Forbidden Kingdom and run fat boy run (to psyche me for my half marathon in the next 7 days).

Wow! the fleece blankets are Givenchy, mind you, (oops for those people who are fond of bringing home plane stuff!! oh please!) . And i am sitting at the economy the old planes carry the wool SQ colors.

Flight wise, it was like not flying with a jumbo jet, The pilot was good its just like the other planes. As usual, excellent hospitality from the staff with my bottomless peanuts and cocktails.

verdict: Good.
Recommend to others: yes
Downside: On arrival since it is a Jumbo jet, all bags come in on one carousel. I imagine waiting for your bag amongst all 400 passengers luggages! I did wait for some time, but i did entertain myself eyeing on 4 Louis Vuitton luggages on the belt and i am playing paparazzi who is going to pick the bags. Oh well i got my good reliable 7 year old luggage ahead of whoever is picking it up.

I booked my flights to Philippines for Christmas and i chose the schedule that is flying with the A380 again. (well aparrenly, they are the chepeast flight going to the Philippines during this peak season. I do not really mind the stop over as there is always a lot of endless things to do in Singapore airport and i always can stop by in a friend’s house for an overnight.)

side note: Fat by run script excerpt from libby to Dennis “run a marathon?, how do you think you can do that? you can even never finish anything in your life” this would be a good something for me to play in my mind when i do the half. I will not be too had for myself. I am running because I love it, I run because of health reasons and the stress theraphy it gives me. Although I will still try not to be at the back of the pack.

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  1. pat3za permalink
    30/09/2008 9:14 pm

    Dude, 4km Dove Pink Star Walk in Oct25. No jogging, no running, actually it’s a very casual, very slow walk across the city for charity. You come in dressed in pink… and even wear a pink bra outside your shirt hehehe! It’s all in good fun. It’s for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

    More here

    Let me know if you’re interested. 🙂

  2. witchkitty permalink*
    04/10/2008 1:58 pm

    aww looks fun! should my Blue Mountains trip doesnt push through, i shall go! Thanks girl friend!

  3. 06/10/2008 10:23 am

    wow! givenchy?! how shushal!

    but even if without the givenchy and the a380 experience, i think SIA remains da best airlines for me! guaranteed! and i’ve only flew in economy ah?! 🙂

  4. witchkitty permalink*
    08/10/2008 11:57 pm

    @Bangge – hai know mars! lol, same here, im still so comfy even if its economy 😀 solve na solve, plus the stewardess are not so snotty.

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