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Part 1: Sydney Bridge Run (pre-race)


Yes, I did finally decide to do the half marathon 2 weeks ago for the Sydney Blackmore’s Marathon Running Festival, a day before the event organizers raised the registration fee for non-early birds. I chose running a half over 1) staying in Singapore for holidays and watch the 1st ever F1 night race 2) take days off and go home to Philippines for a week. The Sydney Bridge Run is on September 21, 2008 with walker and runners for the 9kms, and a half and a full marathon.

Unprepared, if that’s how i will call it. Cramming! I have been lazy the past two weeks when I registered, no long runs longer than 20KMs and to top on that is traveling to Singapore meaning i might be stuck at the Hotel gym, for shorter limited time. Although fortunately i was able to fit 3 runs outdoors and 1 run at the treadmill during the business trip.

Sunday: 10KM Race
Monday: 10KM Singapore (5xpark)

Tuesday: 4KM Treadmill, Singapore
Wednesday: 7KM Singapore

Thursday: Rest
Friday: 7KM Singapore (with colleague KweeChuan @ Alexandra towards the canopy walk and no idea it was up hill!, although it was )
Total pw:38KMs

It will be my first half marathon. So i am nervous, unpsyched and worried i might be too tired to run because of my trip. To add that, flying do get you dehydrated. I did only drank 1 cup red wine as it is health and kept on drinking water in the flight. Always asking for two cups instead of default 1. Lucky it was pasta for tea so i was also starting to carbo load aside from the chicken rice i have been having on that week!

Race packets needed to be picked up from that week, but i am in Singapore, so i asked my roomie to pick it up for me.Thanks Aileen! It did include my bib, magazine and information phamplet and my chip.

Arriving “home” past 7pmish of 20th of September at home from a trip from Singapore (I’ve done this before, going home for a weekend to race but for 10KMs not half!!) and on my way home I rang John as I arranged to pick up my Woodstock Cap. So I dropped my bags off and literally jogging to John’s place to get the cap so i get enough rest after. Why the cap? I decided to wear both colors of my club back my home country Philippines, h@ppy feet, and my Oz running club Woodstock. (Thanks John and Dot for arranging this for me!) I headed home with a box of pizza for dinner (carbo and high calorie loading).

Slept 1130pm, booked a cab for 510am of the 21st. Set my alarm at 420am.

I did have good rest but not enough sleep, since my body is still running at Singapore time and 420 means 220am. Finally got up by 435am. Had my shower, changed to my gear and did some good stretching. Cab arrived on time and reached the starting line 30 minutes before the race start at 620am. Continued on Part 2.

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  1. 25/09/2008 11:27 pm

    So i heard that Britney Spears does 500-1000 Crunches, I couldn’t even make it to 100 EVERY EACH TIME! 😡 goodness! I’ve got all the jiggles left and right , all over!

    I still haven’t done my 5k. I really am having a hard time waking up SUPER MEGA early for a run. pfft. but I shall re-conquer and conquer!

    but for now, Im off back to doze .. zzz.

    damn 1000 crunches.

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