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Bridge to Bridge Fun Run


I am flying to Singapore today, next week is a compulsiveness entry for my first ever half marathon and our running club Woodstock Running Club is co-sponsoring the Bridge to Bridge Run in Gladsville.

Barry Cole, has been coordinating this fun run since back and been encouraging the club members to participate either run or marshal. I would have been happy to do the marshaling but since i do have a flight to catch, i decided to do the 10KM run.

The night before this run, 2 consecutive nights actually, went out with a friend Stephanie for her birthday celebration and did a bit of dehydration and carbo-loading (boozing from beer but not getting drunk). I am really bad, but you always need to balance your life! I am not a pro-runner you know ;-).

Anyway, left Steph’s party this morning at 1.30ish am got enough sleep. But waking up with dark skies contrary to the 27 degrees nice weather yesterday! Looking at my balcony it was raining. John and I were suppose to go together to the run but i sent him an sms if he is going as it was raining. He says he is. Still looking at the window, i do feel bad for Barry as he was organizing this like months ahead and the weather is ruining it. I thought of going to support his cause (and as part of the registration also goes to our club). On the other hand, I did not want my running shoes getting sloppy and wet as i planned to bring my New Balance to Singapore and use my Nike for my half. So i prayed, and asked for signs should i go or not? 1. If the rain stops a bit i should go 2. If i do have 15 dollars on my wallet (not aware after going out not withdrawing enough last night not knowing how much cash i have) then i should go. Well both of the signs were positive it was 5 past 8! and i should be going!

So it is raining i though it is not wise to wear long sleeved shirt as its going to be cold and wet so i decided to go with my singlet and my skins. Put lots of petroleum jelly on my arms to keep me warm. grabbed my jumper, change of clothes, gu, and a banana and took a cab.

I’m glad to see a lot of Woodstock members both running and doing the marshal. At 9, the weather is not getting any better as it is starting to drizzle again. Oh well it waas not too cold it was okey so it is all good. The course has been designed by Barry and he kept on telling us it is a tough hard run, with stairs and hills! Well indeed i did find out it was a hard run! A lot of hills, never ending hills! I am glad to have seen Woodstock club members at the top of the hill cheering, but just the first 300 m was a hill and have gotten all your energy and i end up panting. Swear, the hills! A bit of a bush run, and stairs with pouring falls on the stairs from the rain. It was a very different experience. My first 10Km actually since i arrived oz, my first raining race. I though i was the last as i never hear anyone from my back anymore and you can see marshals walking towards the finish so i do have a feeling anyway to have finish the race at 56 mins. because of the so-heard hills. This is so far the most difficult races I had in my 1 year and 2 months running life. The steep hills are endless (it beats the C2S heart-break hill, and its compared to hell hill Woodstock run N x of hills!).

Well i made it, i saw the bay, Woodstock cheering you is a good feeling to just go sprint. Hard run, hard race that’s what i can just say about it!

Pictures by abbey digital. Sorry for being a cheapskate!

Event: Bridge to Bridge Run
Distance: 10KM
Time: 51.07 mins.
I was told that, Category Place: 3rd

Almost all Woodstock runners had placed in their gender categories. Congratulations!


my running logs for the week

Sunday:10.7 KM; Treadmill
Monday:7.58 KM; treadmill
Tuesday:7 Km; Bayrun
Wednesday: 7Km; Bayrun
Thursday: 7.37 Km treadmill
Friday: rest
Saturday: 16KM; Rozelle Bay-Bayrun

I’m off to Singapore and goodluck on my cramming for the half the day i get back from Singapore. Prolly i will just take it easy its my first half so (excuses.. excuses)!!

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