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First handicap run with Woodstock Running Club


Just like any of my races, I was looking forward to this run, well i call it still a race. Unlike in the Philippines if my schedule permits i run races every week. But since i am very immobile that races are not really near each other i have limited chances of joining races lately, just like when i missed the pub to pub race.

Anyway, the Handicap run is a quarterly run the Woodstock running club hold for its club members and interested visitors. Its a friendly 7 KM competition amongst the members around the bay. The rule is nominate your estimated time and should be able to keep up with that time, staggered start so everybody finishes at the same time. And whoever finishes the line wins. If you finish your run more than a minute of your nominated time you are disqualified in winning any prize.

From that week, i only had 3 runs and missed 3 days of running because i was feeling not well for having fever. I wasnt really feeling well but i did want to run and i feel i am going to feel more sick if i don’t run. So i went. I emailed our current committee leader Colin Townsend my time prior to the race even before i was feeling sick, estimated it at 35 mins. But then i am not feeling well and i was having doubts of finishing it at 5min/km. Still pushed through with my nominated time. So this is my first Handicap with the group eversince i joined them last June.

I was running well not until in the middle of the route i felt sicking feverish and stomach pain! which slowed me down. i told myself to keep on running as i will finish the route, thinking it would be 2 minutes more of my estimate. their were 5 of us in this group, and three of my mates went ahead of me, Daniel, Rick, and Dierdre whom i went ahead of before them! So i say if Jeff goes ahead of me im doomed! (exaggeration!)

Seeing the Iron cove bridge i know its just a few more meters to the finish. Still able to see Rick and Dierdre’s back i finished seconds after them. To my surprise i did well. 34.58. 2 seconds lesser of my estimate. Not bad! Although i did not win any movie ticket or wine, i am happy. Since this is my first Handicap with the group i get 15 points.

My mates are really fast! (attached are the results). What’s good after the Handicap run the club holds free barbi breakfast for the members and is open to whoever is interested to join at Brett park . We had sausages and buns, cake, bananas and licorice. It was yum! And after which we went to the Bower’s bakery, where the group usually go after the Saturday runs.

Event: Woodstock Running Club Handicap run
Distance: 7KM
Where: Bay Run
Time: 34.58

Lately Runlogs

Week 34
Friday: 10KM – threadmill

Week 35
Sunday: 14KM – bayrunx2
Monday: 7KM – Bayrun
Tuesday: 10.4 KM threadmill
Saturday: 7KM Handicap run

Week 35
Tuesday: 10.4 Km – Threadmill, Glenwaverly, Victoria
Saturday: Balmain Shores – 9Km
… ive been missing my runs! and i registered myself for a half marathon! uh-oh! its difficult to juggle work(ing until late to early mornings), travel and running 😦

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  1. 12/09/2008 12:49 pm

    yay you’re back! i was wondering where you’ve been! 🙂

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