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@ last! Snow!


In 28 years of my life, I haven’t seen snow! Growing up in a tropical country where the season is only either wet or dry, Snow is very foreign object to me! Thus, experiencing it will be overwhleming i guess. Ive been to places that do get snow, but never was i able to be on the winter season.

Never did i think that in Australia it do snow, and so when i have been hearing from my colleagues and learning from them the ski-resorts and area where it snow, i think it is a good opportunity to go and see and feel how winter with snow feels like!

Starting month of June winter in Australia starts, it is very different from the rest of the world. Some stores even have this signs saying Christmas in july! and they do sell Christmas ornaments and of Christmas motiffs.

Anyway, I am glad that there’s this community called CouchSurfing. Where i posted a message of interest to go see the snow. After a month of correspondence, we were able to arrange the trip with the big organizing of James (our host and who drove us during the trip), and James, james’s best friend, our host in Aulbury (boundary of NSW and Victoria).

James and his 4x4 ride

I took a day off from work on a Friday, and we started the journey to Aulbury by 1430. Arriving James’ house at 2100hrs.

@600 we left Aulbury and headed to Falls Creek. We travelled on two vehicles. Travellers with me were James, Steve, Luanne (fellow 1st timer to see snow), Stephanie (fellow 1st timer to ski), James, Kaye, Nonie and Josh.

Gear hire shop @ Mount Beauty

Gear hire shop @ Mount Beauty

Arrived at Mount beauty to get our gear hires (ski clothes, skis and boards – 85UASD) Left the shop at 830is and arrived the Falls creek resort by past 930. On our way to the mountains, it was a zigzaggy two lane road. As you go higher towards the alps, you can see the vegetation changing from leafy to branchy kind. I was in awe, seeing the Snow caps from afar!

Stephanie, Steve and James

We took the lifts and lessons for beginners which is 65UASd each. I did have a few runs while waiting for lunch and the lessons which i did have a few fall since i do not know how to stop. But looking at the slopes, it do looks scarey sliding down! and skiers just seem to do it so easily without any effort!

We took the shuttle and cable up towards the lessons area. And so glad to see a large group of adult doing the first time skiing!! I am not so old after all to learn to ski :). We have a Austrian female instructor. She taught us how to side-step, ski and snow-plow (stop). that was after 2 hours with 9 other beginners. I say that the lessons did help me learn to stop and do it properly. after which i never did fall again! And the lessons also gave you more confidence.

I did have a few runs on the beginners slope. It was of help being a runner that my legs are not getting tired from this activity, although my arms did get sore because most of the time carrying the skis when we were still to do the learning. (I think my free weight-training and light equipment training helped me carry my gear compared, literally the boots, and the clothes and ski and pole are of the same weight as me).

my gear, red ski, to go with my red jacket!

It was a plan to go again on a Sunday, but James our host was having a going away party in his house, having partied and sore during the day, everybody decided to just sleep and rest. It was indeed a very pleasureable experience. The road trip, the couch surfing and the ski. I would love to learn more and go skiing again in the future.

Steve, Stephanie and me at James Partey!

Steve, Stephanie and me at James Partey!

James, James, Steve, Stephanie, Luanne and me

@ city of Aulbury: James, James, Steve, Stephanie, Luanne and me

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  1. pat3za permalink
    18/08/2008 10:08 pm

    wowwww!!! you even beat me to the snowies! hehehe i’m thinking of going there maybe next year… need to save up a bit as i heard it’s quite costly with the gear hire, accomodation, etc. but if you couch surfed, then it might be cheaper. how was that anyway? i guess you’re lucky that you met an awesome bunch!!!

    ps. it’s getting warmer! 20 degrees this thursday!!! woohoo summer’s around the corner!

  2. 20/08/2008 4:58 am

    i don’t have uni… i work now but i have to wait until next year again.. need to save up for it haha medyo madaming gastos ko lately. 🙂 but mind, $350 is cheap!!!

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