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Bay Run 2008


Last Saturday, I miscalculated the dates and i was too excited and thought that the bay run was 20th of July, just remembered the Saturday i woke up, its on 28th of July, 2008! I did plan not to run with the Woodies as i dont run the day before a race. Although Steve from Woodstock says its alright if i am training for a half marathon to run a day before a race.

Anyway, so I did run with the group last Saturday at Timbrell Park. And missed the interval speed training with Steve :(. Again this Saturday which i planned to run really early on the bay and meet the group on time slowly not to compromise my performance a day before the race, i was late yet I still did the run at the bay, speeding at the end not wanting to miss the coffee.

So I did meet the group maybe 5 minutes after everybody arrived, just in time! They did run the Five docks at 7KM and I did the bay at 7Km. After the nice usual coffee and breakfast, went home and did a lot of stretching and free light weights.

I was aiming for a time of 35 mins for the 7KM. Alarm set off at 620, and slept through it until 650. Still plenty of time to prepare, as race starts at 815 for females, and the venue is 15 minutes walk from my flat, which will be a 7 mins jog warm up for me. Reckon the weather agency says its going to be 6 degrees today. Went out with my sunnies and cap, long sleeved singlet, and my skins + jumper on.

Arrived the venue 30 minutes early, checked in my bag, got my race kit. There was a fair number of runners, walkers and their dogs. So we organizers lead some warm up excercises. Then at 8 the male runners set off, we followed at 815. Whoa! they were really fast! i tried to make a good head start and pace on the course, but well i did, but i dont think I am still fully aclimitized with the Sydney weather. Chilly breeze from the bay kissing your face, i did rub petroleum jelly on legs and arms to keep me warm as I left my jumper with my bag. My feet is freezing, i missed putting jelly on it. i Think i was struggling to keep my body warm, it was not a bad start, until the hill which i need to catch my breath, then regained at the iron cove bridge. Up the hill to victoria road toward Drummoyne down back to the bay route. I can remember pacing with this little girl on her elementary days. darn! she runs faster than me! we were just like alternatingly overtaking each other and another female runner.

Did a steady pace around the bay, with feet starting to ache with the temperature. I can feel myself kicking in on some parts, i think it was the Gu (thanks to Woodie mate, Thalia. Yes i just tried what gu’s effect, on a short run as i planned to go a long run after the race) .

Well as soon as I saw La Montage, i added more speed then saw the finish shoot and just sprinted my way to it. Finished at 337 overall out of 1215 participants, at 28th place for category for 15-29 yo females and ranked 55 out of 593 females. See results.

The even was good, with some barb after and head home to leave my goodie bag and ran to Rozelle bay and another round at the bay for another 1 hour and 40 minutes approximately taking in one more gu. Drank thrice for water stops and only drank my gatorade at the end of my training run. I think I am improving although i am not yet fast enough like the ozzies, ill keep on trying :).

The Bay Run was for the benifit of Dobroyd Point Public School.

That afternoon I also decided to pass the Running Science Store to check on some long sleeved singlets, and i got one and the manager threw in some Endurance packet with it for free as i was asking how is it different with Gatorade. I also was able to have my pronation checked (aside from the attendant noticing my bunion! embarassing!) she says the pins and needles on my toes might be caused by wrong shoe and i should be wearing a shoe for stability. I asked her if she did run the race earlier this morning and she said yes, after her asking my time which i proudly told her, i regrettingly said mine, as she run through the course at 29 mins placing 2nd! and she is slight taller than me! wow! anyway …

Distance: 7km
Location: Bay Run, Innerwest NSW
Pace: 4.8985
Time: 34.29

Training after the race:
Distance:15.0829 Km
Location: Rozelle bay + Bay Run
Time: 1:40 approx
past 2 weeks:
mileage: 64 Kms/pw

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