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Us and the World Youth Day


Been 2 months ago when you feel the World Youth Day fever going around the city. It’s a good feeling you know.
A year ago, February of last year, is when I learned that the WYD will be held in Sydney. That was the period I first came to Sydney, Australia. Which at that moment I did like the country at first sight.

Because of I, when I saw the countdown at St. Mary’s Cathedral, I told myself, I will come back to Australia no matter what to see the WYD. Same thing I told myself I am coming back to this huge country/continent to discover the place and backpack. Maybe that was a prophecy on my own which led on subliminal way on myself to come here.

Anyway going back to the WYD event. Weeks ago I was thinking of joining th volunteer program for the event. I sent an email but they only accept volunteers fulltime on all days of the event. So I thought of sponsoring a homestay. A few also requested on my Couchsurfing account and suddenly the agreement I had with a colleague to temporarily host her while she looks for a home was more reasonable/on my own opinion to be a Christian and standing on my own promise. So I appologized and at least sent emails to those who requested. Until now I am thinking what can I do to become a contributor in this world event which is happening in Sydney.

Last Sunday the Pope Benedict arrived in Sydney for the week long event. Buses were delayed and there were road closure since then. Tomorrow will be his parade. In the papers, there were a lot of news regarding this event. Some still puzzles me.

Like the priests who are sex offenders, the Pope did make a public appology. Aside from that in the paper, a man was hosting 5 pilgrims, and during the course of their stay the host did introduce his partner another Man and they turned out to be gay couples. So the guests did left the host’s home, condemn him and his partner that they will burn in hell. That I can not understand. So that was read aloud by my colleague while we were eating at the pantry reading papers and he commented on a picture of young couple making out/kissing, he said that should be the one that will burn to hell. Now I am confused! The world and society makes its own rule. I wonder what were the rules during Jesus, the prophet’s days? I wonder in Jesus’ time if kissing was bad, or it is a mere not display but a extension of affection to one person? Maybe if it is lust then that is bad.

I am not religiuos and I do not know the bible by the back of my hand. But I did complete and did get high marks on my religion subject at school. In the Bible it mentions Jesus/God being compassionate. It mentions on focus on the poor in spirit, heart, physically. Don’t this people do belong to the group mentioned in the Bible? It says all of us belong to the Kingdom of God. Those who Believe, ok ok… butthen those who believe…why do they act/condemn people who need guidance morally/spiritually? I myself I agree should be condemned therefore I have no right saying to someone that he/she will burned to hell.

It’s the same question I have in mind. Organ donation. Doing good and donating your organs when you accidentally die is a good thing (on my own opinion) as you help others, YET it is socially questionable? Or religiosly questionable of why extend a life of a person whom God/Life is already telling that is over? Or why donate your organ to a person dying and you might not know that he/she is a criminal. This is not for discussion on religion or morals. I do not know if some of you guys reading this do have specific answers to this questions and you think the answers and beliefs you have are RIGHT in the eyes of the SUPERBEING.

So I may not be able to attend any of the WYD events even if I wanted to, and its not an excuse not to either, but on my thinking its better to treat your neighbors with good deed and continue living as a Christian than being a hypocrite of attending the WYD event and yet you do have a selective heart and a judgemental mind.




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