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Migrating … my blog


Its been a long time though of transferring my friendster and my myspace blog to a host where i can freely do my lay-outs on my blog.  As you see it does not tell much about my artsy craftsy side, coz it limits me in editing.

Alas, after not listening in a five-hour training session on a weekend, i would be wasting my time starting to write my blog in wordpress.  In some reason i also can not do import the contents from my old blog as i also wanted to carry out the comments.

I prolly be putting up the old ones here without the comments, i will do it slowly.

Its been a while since i have been working with the web.  It would be a bit rusty skill and embarrassment knowing ot was my first work and been with the business for  around more than 3 years.  Aside from that,i know it is wrong to blame, but because of the sms technology, my writing skills from high school disappeared, lack of art and because of laziness.

Most of my colleagues at work ask me why do i blog? why do i put my life-happenings online.  because
1. hone my writing skills
2. its a journal of special  activities I’ve done which i wanted to share
3. its a medium of my craziness… writing.

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  1. 25/07/2008 4:01 am

    ahhh, you’re out of friendster.

    i used this same layout for one of my other blogs too.

  2. 30/07/2008 2:57 pm

    maaaaaaaaaare! welcome to WP!!! it’s sooo much easier here. aaaay! mahirap tlga magmiograte from friendster to here. i had that difficulty too. good thing i have mine in blogspot too.


  3. 31/07/2008 10:38 am

    for some reason i have yet to adjust to wordpress. i’ve been a staunch livejournal user since 2001. blogspot was short-lived, and now i’m back to LJ

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